Please Note

Certain days of the year, near Halloween for example, fill up quickly. Please check this spot to see which days are having higher visitor traffic, or may already be fully booked



Planning your visit to Galey Farms

Always allow enough time to thoroughly enjoy your visit to Galey Farms. The Train Ride is about 20 minutes but you may need extra time in case there are many visitors that day and possible waits due to line-ups.

Finding your way through the Corn Maze takes about 45 minutes, but again, allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes so you can enjoy the view from the Trellis and thoroughly explore the exhibits in the Old Western Town.

Dress for the weather

If the day is hot an sunny, be sure everyone has hats, lots of sunscreen and water. Drinks are available in the market if you need more. If the weather is inclement, no need to change your plans! Dress to keep dry and remember the trails and petting farms are drained and lined with bark-mulch. The picnic area by the market and rail cars are covered to keep you dry.

Snack and drinks are available in the Market.